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If like me you have little people to entertain all summer long then this one’s for you. Although my kids would be more than happy to spend every waking minute watching YouTube videos (believe me, some days the temptation to let them do it is real), their second favourite activity is creating mess – YAY!

Anything that involves paint or beads or slime or glitter tends to be a winner.

In collaboration with 46 Days of Summer I’m delighted to be able to share this activity with you and your little mess-makers too!


Printing With Kids

With its razor-sharp gouges and unforgiving (and let’s be honest, expensive) lino sheets, my usual style of printing isn’t exactly kid-friendly. Never fear- with the help of my own little creatives we’re going to show you an alternative, but just as fun way to make some fab prints of your own.

You will need:

  • Polystyrene sheets. I got mine from Etsy. (You know those disks that come with your frozen pizza? They work just as well!)
  • Selection of paper or blank cards
  • Marker Pens
  • Pencils plus any other mark making tools you can find. Cookie cutters are great for very little artists.

Printing with kids

  • Poster paints or water based printing inks
  • Paint tray. I used foil trays which can be washed and reused for other crafts
  • Paint Roller (If you don’t have one you can use a sponge or paintbrush for a similar effect)

Printing with KidsPrinting with Kids


Ready? OK let the fun begin!

  • Start by drawing your image lightly onto your polystyrene sheet, this will be your guide. Go over your image with a pencil pressing gently into the polystyrene. Don’t worry if you make a few holes along the way, it won’t matter when you are printing. Add patterns or whatever extra details you like with your tools.Printing with Kids
  • Roll out a little paint on your tray, coating your roller and apply to your image. You can get the best results by building up a few thin layers.
  • Choose your paper and carefully lay it onto your image (or vice-versa as demonstrated below by my helpers!). Use the heel of your hand to apply pressure and transfer the ink onto the paper making sure that the paper doesn’t slip.
  • Now for the exciting part- slowly peel back your paper to reveal your artwork- ta dah!

Don’t stop there! You can repeat the process over and over ( I’m gonna say it – homemade CHRISTMAS CARDS!!) or keep creating new prints to fill your art gallery.

Have fun! x

Thank you to to Faye and Helen from 46 Days of Summer for featuring this activity on their blog. If you would like to join in the fun and find lots more activities to keep your little ones busy (one for everyday of the school holidays!) head over to their website or Facebook page for more inspiration. 

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